Saturday, February 23, 2013

Prayer Request

I know I've been pretty quiet on here but so far, the new treatment is doing exactly what it's supposed to - you get worse before you get better.  It's been tough the past month and this phase is not something that passes quickly. 

This also presents an issue for the month of March.

I have two appointments scheduled for March that are "have" to be there ones.  For those of that have been keeping in touch, you will know that I've only been out of the house two times since late November.  (I've been outside but not away from the house except for twice.)  Of those two times, both were short 20 min car rides and nothing more.

As you can see, a LOT has to change between now and mid March if I'm going to be able to physically handle what's to come.  The first appt, there is a chance that I arrange a video conference instead of having to go to Yakima.  Please be in prayer that this would be an option and that they will allow this or that I would start having some much better days very quickly.

The second appt is a required in person doctor visit for my disability insurance.  I've been having phone appointments about every 6-8 weeks w/ my doctor but I've been unable to handle the trip to Yakima since mid summer.

On a day like today when I am so ill, it's extremely stressful to think about just getting ready to go to an appt, let alone drive there, sit and wait, talk to the doctor, and drive back.

So, I'm asking for big time prayer.  Prayer that I will start having more frequent good days and that God would work out all of the details surrounding all of this as it's very hard for me to not worry as I know my physical limits and I just don't know how this is all going to come together.

Thanks so much for your prayers - I need them immensely.

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